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Must see another PopUp | Nov 09, 2018

We recently completed EuroCity, a large-scale project in Gibraltar, commissioned directly by the developers. We were brought in at the very early stages of the design. Interiors were yet to be fully decided on and with a forward-thinking team we created a whole suite of images, interactive VR experience and Animated film. The project was a huge success, due in part to the visualisations and VR. Even before the full launch 80% of the available properties were sold off plan before the marketing suite had even opened its doors. Early involvement within the project and a team who could see the end value made this project work well. The process and the outcome certainly proved that on this occasion they really did get a return on their investment.   Not all projects need the full range of visualisation, CG and VR and again it comes down to value for money and what investment is really needed. We certainly don’t push for more than is needed, we have seen it done on other projects. It doesn’t do the project justice and will inevitably leave the client feeling they have been over serviced and out of pocket.